The hills that rise from the surrounding plains, with an area of approximately 1,400 hectares, geologically dating back to the Miocene, when an earthquake would have made emerge from the sea. This is witnessed by the continuing discoveries of coral, fossils and shells on top of the hills. The town, in fact, is home to a small paleontological museum. 


Texture and composition of the soil vary sharply within a few meters, from white soils rich in clay and limestone, to silty and sandy areas. This diversification of land combined with sun exposure and level curves give rise to a different set of very interesting micro-climates, that together with a perfect exposure allow us to gather grapes of the highest quality. The conduct of our vineyards held in high regard the environmental aspect, as proof of this grass and wildflowers fill our vineyards because there is no use of herbicides. Their mowing and subsequent decomposition nourish our vines, not the origin of chemical fertilizers. 


During the vegetative season fungal protection is implemented using mainly sulfur and copper, without treatment fungicides. 

The harvest, totally hand, is carried in boxes to protect the integrity and the fragrance of grapes ready to crushing.